The StaFast Hitch -- Automatic Wagon Hitch System

The StaFast Hitch -- Give your body a break. Hitch and unhitch wagons from the driver's seat. Save time and fuel, increase productivity, and save your fingers.

More Farm Tools To Give Your Body A Break

One-Handed Gate Latch -- Quickly and securely chain your gate with one hand.
One-Handed Latch
Remote Camera And Monitor -- See behind equipment, in grain trucks, and hundreds of other places without climbing, twisting or walking.
Remote Camera & Monitor
Automatic Drive-Through Gate -- Drive through your gates without climbing off the tractor.
Drive-Thru Gate

Soil Probe Handle -- Clamp your own soil probe quickly to this handle and save your back!
Soil Probe Handle

Clamp-On Hand Controls -- Operate foot pedals by hand.
Clamp-On Hand Controls
Steps And Handrails -- Give your hips and knees a break. Climb on to your older tractor with smaller steps and more support.
Steps & Handrails
PTO and Drawbar Quick-Hitch
PTO and Drawbar Quick-Hitch!

Don't see what you're looking for here? Call Foresight Services and we'll research the best options for you to farm easier and GIVE YOUR BODY A BREAK!


"Farm Tools To Give Your Body A Break."

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